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Letter from the Chairman

To the NESA Community

I am writing to address a prevailing sentiment regarding student clubs for foreign students, which contends that they are unproductive endeavors. As the chair of RMC and the director of the program NESA, it is incumbent upon me to endeavor to alter this perception among the general public and demonstrate that a student club possesses the potential to transcend mere casual gatherings and avoid squandering valuable time.

I firmly assert that students in Japan are on par with their counterparts from other nations, and I hold the conviction that with adequate support, we can establish an organization that will have a tangible impact on society.

In my capacity as the director of NESA, I hold a fervent belief that the brightest and most innovative days for our organization lie ahead. I eagerly anticipate observing this progress and actively participating in its realization.

I appeal to all of you to join me in fostering a society of individuals who possess the ability to effect positive changes in our broader community.


Issac Park


Our Goal

To facilitate the provision of experiential opportunities that will decisively contribute to the students' career growth in the future. Additionally, we endeavor to establish meaningful connections between the students and prominent global leaders, fostering valuable networks for their personal and professional development.

Our Vision

Fostering societal change through the collective efforts of highly competent individuals.

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