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Forecast and Plan, Organize and Command, Coordinate and Control.

Welcome to the Network and Entrepreneur Skills Association of Keio University, a dedicated and vibrant community devoted to exploring skills within the business and finance sectors and global networking. NESA is a program made for members of RMC to start learning about the corporate world by creating one. Our program thrives at the intersection of theory and practice, offering members an unparalleled platform to delve into the fascinating world of Venture Capital, Start-ups and Global Networking.


We foster partnerships with various NPOs/NGOs, enabling us to apply our knowledge in real-world contexts and contribute positively to society. We believe local and international collaboration enriches our perspective and refines our strategies. As such, we provide a forum for students from diverse universities around the globe to connect, share ideas, and explore academic and business opportunities. We hope to make NESA a Place for the talented and surpass other business clubs in the university.

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